Sewer Drain Cleaning

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Older homes, which have old clay sewer pipes require periodic cleaning due to the intrusion of roots. The Fair Plumber uses the most powerful sewer cleaning equipment in the industry.

Drain Rodding

we understand how frustrating it can be dealing with a clogged drain. especially when it seems like it's all of the time. Whether it's roots, a soft plug, and yes sometimes even small kids toys. we want you to know that when you call us to come out that we will get the job done in a professional manner.


What causes sewer clogs?

Roots: The main causes of sewer clogs are roots and soft plugs.

A lot of people don't think about it but the bigger tree you have the further spread the roots have. These roots sometimes may not only clog up you sewer lines, but in some cases may also cause them to crack or break.

Soft plugs: generally occur when the old clay sewer pipe sags. causing the paper to settle on the bottom of the pipe.

Sewer pipe sheering off at the foundation: over time the weight of the soil causes too much pressure on the 4 inch waste line exiting the foundation wall. this extreme pressure causes the pipe to break or sheer off.

What are my options?

We will always send out a technician to do a free estimate to see what the issue at hand is. From there we offer a few different services:

  • a rodding service

  • hydrojetting

  • chemical treatment or enzyme treatment

and some times worse case scenario, fixing a broken pipe.

Rodding Tree Roots