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   We all take hot water for granted. Did you know that the average water heater turns on and off thousands of time during its lifetime? In our area, water heaters typically last 8-12 years. When the water heats up in the tank, it expands putting a lot of pressure on the tank and on piping. Overtime, these stresses cause the water heater to fail and leak.


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   The Fair Plumber stocks Bradford White water heaters, which are made in America and it is a quality product. These water heaters can vent thru the chimney or vent directly outside, depending on your application. 
  The Fair Plumber offers expansion tanks as an option on your water heater. The purpose of the expansion tank is to absorb the stresses of expansion and contraction. When the water heats up, the water expands and then as the water cools down it contracts. The optional expansion tank can add an additional 10 years to the water heater's life cycle.
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